DORP Radio

The thought

Using a proven but somewhat outdated medium, radio, to bring a commnity of makers and innovators closer together at DORP, Welcome to the Village 2017.


Proving that radio is an awesome way of connecting people and bringing them closer together.


We set up a radio studio in a shipping container at DORP. Also, we build a launch where we could interview the participants and visitors, without having to take them away from their projects.


10 days of live radio broadcasted from withing DORP to be heard all over the planet, An average of 60 listeners every day and around 80 happy DORP participants!

What they say

“Thank you all for the entertainment during these 10 busy days!”

Aranka Dijkstra – Lead organisation DORP

“DORP Radio gave us a new insight on how to communicate during a festival.”

Sjoerd Bootsma – Artistic director WTTV

“We had a lot of fun with the project. Many visitors and participants of DORP expressed their gratitude for our show!”

Marc Kleen

“A well executed project with a strong will to bring your vision to live.”

Eric Voight

Future plans

DORP Radio is currently on hold. A couple of students of the Frisian Design Factory in Leeuwarden were tasked to work on the project, but they decided to work on another part of DORP.

The platform is of course still available online, but no content is added at the moment. Though there are plans in the working to be present at DORP 2018.

When you’d like to be kept up to date on the progress of DORP Radio, please send me an email at [email protected].

Key features

  1. 10 days of live radio broadcasts from DORP, Welcome to the Village 2017.
  2. Average listeners count of 60 every day.
  3. 525 listeners to the recorded interviews on our website.

Work in progress

These moments during DORP were captured by Marc Kleen.

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