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We educate children and their parents about the importance of plastic recycling.

Main Features

Recycle plastic

We developed six modules that represent a particular stage of the plastic recycling process.


The bike is designed to be upgraded and modified in the future to accommodate new technologies.

Solar power

The aim is to charge the internal battery with solar power and allow for a 100% green powered system.

Teach kids

The bike is part of the mobile FabLab of the BSF which visits schools all around the Netherlands.


We have learned a lot from the global plastic community and we aim to give back as much as possible.


All plans for the bike have been made opensource. Download the plans below.

Watch a video
about the project


We’ve made all of our plans and documentation for the bike publicly available. Please do note that we did incorporate some of the shelf components, which are referred to in the drawings. Use our documentation at your own risk.

Download the plans

“How do you explain how the recycling of plastic bottles works? Release a group of 5 FDF student bin tricycle. A self-made cargo bike and the recycling process with a clear concept. In the cargo bike, all operations of a small bottle of small pieces are meld into a new 3D printed object. Hopefully, the bicycle will cycle to primary schools with their own collected bottles to be able to make homemade 3D prints. Make a 3D-print of your bottles! It is possible!”

Eric Voigt (Frisian Design Factory)

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